Q: Do you need power onsite?​

A: Our ambient chiller system can run without power however if you have a big event with high volume of beverage and you would like to have your drink ice cold then we would need power or you can rent a generator from us for $200.00 based on 24 hours period.

Q: Do we need to pre-chill the drinks?

A: No, we don't require you to pre-chill the drinks. The beverage will run through our chilling system and come out of the tap ice cold.

Q: What kind of decoration can we have?

A: Our trailer is made of aluminium with glossy black finish, as long as we can take off the decoration without damaging it after the event we can help you with any decoration of your choice.

Q: What kind of gas do you use?

A: We use all food grade gas, CO2 or Nitrogen D size bottle.


Q: What size keg do you take?

A: We take 50ltr commercial kegs or 19ltr ball lock keg.  

Q: What beverage can you provide?

A: All alcoholic beverage is BYO, if you are looking for locally crafted beer, cider or spirits we can provide you with a list and where to purchase them. We can provide cold brewed nitro tea & coffee for the tap or any fizzy soft drinks you prefer.

Q: Can you deliver the B.Y.O Kegs

A: Yes we can, please confirm your orders details with our friendly staff.

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